Here at the Summit Resort, we know that vacations are a time for guests to decompress from all of the stresses going on in their everyday lives. Our goal is to provide the most comfortable and relaxing stay possible and we take pride in creating a family-friendly atmosphere while doing so.

We know that nothing goes better with poolside relaxation than the ability to enjoy a delicious cocktail in hand. We realize that children vacationing at the resort deserve an equally delightful, non-alcoholic, thirst-quencher to enjoy as well. Our bar is fully stocked and our bartenders are eager to make the most refreshing tropical drinks for the whole family!

We have recently come out with two signature children’s drinks that are tasty enough for your little fish to leave the water, for a few minutes at least. The Blue Lagoon tastes as tropical as it looks (and sounds), made with blue mixed berry punch, lemon-lime soda and assorted gummy fish, this drink is not only refreshing but also fun to look at! Our next drink, the Strawberry Patch mocktail, is the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Made with strawberry syrup, strawberry lemonade and sour fruit gummies, this tangy drink tastes like paradise. So next time you take the little ones down to the big Summit Pool, don’t forget to check out the bar and pickup some tasty creations for the whole family to enjoy.