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Pier Revitalization at Weirs Beach

Pier Revialization at Weirs Beach
Big things are coming your way with your next visit to the Summit Resort. The perfect setting for outdoor enthusiasts, guests can get to the heart of Weirs Beach within minutes by either a 1.5 mile walk, a bike ride or a short hop in a car. If you haven’t already heard, the Weir’s Beach Pier is undergoing a major revitalization project this season. For those that know the area, this is huge news! We are so excited for this welcome update to the main destination on the boardwalk. This project will give returning guests a brand-new experience and offer newcomers the opportunity to enjoy updated, local attractions.

This renovation promises to maintain the historical character of the pier while bringing new stores, entertainment, and dining options to the boardwalk. Although the complete renovation cycle could take up to 5 years, in the short term for this summer, new attractions include a general store, a new restaurant, and an arcade. Aside from the Pier itself, the boardwalk leading up to it will include an interactive Sal’s pizza where the kids can create their own pie. It will also include a Texas smoke shop, souvenir store, and a candy shop.

So imagine waking up from your room at Summit Resort and seeing that it will be a beautiful day. Take your time and walk down to the beach for a swim, then stop in at the new candy shop for a bit of taffy on the walk back. We are so excited for this renovation and all that it will bring, we hope to see you there this summer exploring what’s new at the Pier with us!